Triacta is a hands-on investment firm working closely with owner-operators and managers to improve and grow the business and thereby create value.

We are not driven by spreadsheets. We assess a company’s strategy and its day-to-day business operations in order to understand what it takes to build a successful enterprise. Our motivation and inspiration come from teamwork, setting goals together and achieving results. We support the companies in our portfolio with advice and practical support as well as capital.

Together with management, we devise plans and provide support where and as needed – for example to reduce costs, strengthen the organisation or implement major change. Our activities are transparent and we are easy to work with; we are thorough, and we are focused on achieving results.

We can decide quickly whether to invest, and do so with a view to the long-term.

Funded by Dutch family and private business capital, Triacta is in a position to move quickly and invest with a view to the future.


Triacta invests in medium-sized companies based in the Benelux.

Triacta invests primarily in companies based in the Benelux with sales of €10-100mln. We can commit equity of up to €15 mln in each investment case. If more equity is required, we engage other investors with a strong capital base.

Here are some examples of the sort of deals that are a good fit for our firm:

  • corporate carve-outs, typically involving an exit by the seller
  • majority shareholders and privately-owned businesses seeking a solid co-investor or a new (joint) shareholder
  • management buy-out/buy-in, with managers seeking a reliable, able and inspiring equity partner for joint value-creation.

Our investments are not limited to a specific industry and our broad range of experience covers B2B – manufacturing, trade and distribution as well as services – and a number of B2C sectors. Triacta does not invest in sectors strongly affected by legislation and regulation or subsidies.